Movin', movin'...

I have tried various physical and sporting activities and I passionately dedicate myself to some of these on and off, in short I do what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it (the order can suggest which ones are in vogue now ). Do I excel at all of these? No. But, do you know what they say? It's not the destination, but the journey that matters.

  • 01

    Playing beach volley

    I have always liked volleyball as a sport when at school. A few years ago I started doing beach volley which is very similar to volleyball but requires fewer people and is linked to another thing very dear to me: beach, heat, summer.

  • 02

    Walking into the nature

    One of the ways I adopt to relax and free my mind is precisely this: long walks, preferably surrounded by nature, trees, rivers, and strictly with music in my ears

  • 03

    Playing padel

    Well yes, I have to confess: I too have succumbed to the sport of the moment. In truth, I wanted to try tennis, but in the end padel happened and I like it because it's a group sport and it's fun.

  • 04

    Riding my bicycle

    I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike... just as The Queen sing 😜 Once I get on it's hard to stop.

  • 05

    Doing yoga and meditation

    Taking care of myself has become a priority over the last years. I found out it's a pleasure and a thing I owe to myself. That's why I'm getting more into yoga and meditation: it's a personal moment when I can reconnect with myself and recharge.

  • 06

    Doing pilates

    Not easy as it seems, pilates is good to give relief to the muscles and joints tested by hours of sedentary in front of the computer.

  • 07


    I practiced this sport for a couple of years with a barebow which I then sold in favor of a longbow I still own. Can be dusted off at the right occasion

  • 08

    Horse riding

    Not that I'm doing this everyday but riding a horse it's always been my dream since I was kid and I had some chances to finally do that in my life. From now and then it's nice to do it.

  • 09


    Never played it in a professional way, but if I find myself close to a basketball court and you invite me to join I would not say no! Let's do this!